The ability to view your tank level and receive alerts is just a few clicks away!

We have currently stopped production of our Tank Utility WiFi monitor for homeowners due to COVID-19. We will be following the government mandates on when it is safe to begin production again at our production facility in Massachusetts.

We will be fulfilling all previous orders for consumers. We appreciate your patience and hope to ramp up production sometime soon.

If you would like to receive an email when the store is open for homeowner monitors, sign up here!

As a business providing critical infrastructure services, we will still be providing monitors to Fuel Marketers. If you are with a supplier, please reach out to us here.




WARNING: We recommend that fuel distributors and technicians replace dials, as there is risk of harm if the tank is depressurized unintentionally.

Choosing the right dial replacement for your tank:

1. Choose the orientation of your tank: Vertical Above Ground, Horizontal Above Ground, or Horizontal Below Ground.  

2. Choose the type of dial you currently have: Tabbed, Drop-in, or Snap-on. For tabbed dials, choose the size of the dial: Senior or Junior.

See the Dial Replacement Guide for more information: Choose the Proper Dial Replacement

If you do not know the type of dial you have, you can choose "I don't know". You'll need to send a clear photo of your current tank and dial.