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The ability to view your tank level and receive alerts is just a few clicks away!

WiFi Tank Level Monitor

WiFi Enabled Propane Tank Monitor: PRE-ORDER NOW

We're currently out of stock as we're upgrading to our next generation Tank Utility WiFi monitor featuring improved durability, intuitive setup and extended product life.
You can pre-purchase your device now and we'll ship it to you in mid-July 2017.
Learn more about all the cool new features on our blogNew WiFi Monitor

A new App is coming as well: please choose the type of smart device you'll be using to set up your monitor- If you have an Apple device available, we recommend choosing that option, as we'll be releasing an iOS app for iPhones/iPads before releasing an app for Android. 


 If you haven’t already, you might want to check out what you need to get started prior to placing your order.